Welcome to the Flying Carpet of Alchemy - A truly universal experience

2020…the world started to visibly turn upside down… something needed to happen for re-connection, collaboration and creation of a new magical world of beauty: A call from our souls to ignite alchemy!

What started as a single vision to support the new paradigm of the golden age, turned out to ripple out all across the world: The Flying Carpet of Alchemy movement was born: Two huge pieces of canvas – primed in rainbow colors and in zebra-pattern - were cut in 79 «seeds», to then be nurtured by visions from alchemist all over the world: 69 visionary artists worldwide brought their unique expression and vision for a better world into the bigger picture; Creating a huge piece of art consisting of 79 different paintings. Every single painting bringing huge magical and healing properties for a new world, infused with the wisdom from out of the mystery and the beauty of the yet to be discovered. These unique contributions were sent back to its roots and reassembled into the Flying Carpet of Alchemy - a flourishing symbol of a new way of living together.

Explore and discover the transformational power of the global Collaboration
Click on the single pieces to get more information about the artist and the visionary energies behind the paintings
Carpet View:
Heart Warrior
Fire dance
Touch the sunlight
Be an Earth-Angel
Flying on the deep water
Visit of the Divine
unleashed heart for freedom
Vibrating Wholeness
Reflection of fertility
into the mystery of the unknown
Soul's music: seeing by listening
Butterfly force - Meet the Unknown
Welcome Renewal
Embodied sovereignty
The Matriarch: Keeper of Wisdom
union of black and white, Zebra standing in her light
Womb safety
Glimpse of Magic :: Letting go of Postponing
Looking for the lightness
Krieger des Lichts - warrior of the Light
In the Mystery
The inner truth
I See You: I Honour You
Joyful explosion
Du coeur de mon coeur à l 'infini, je suis Tout et Rien en m'aime tant
Sacred No
Araluen Codes 11:11
Sacred Connection
Refreshed Perspective
Celebration Dance of Reunification
Blessing Heart - Giving, Receiving, Being
yellow wisdom
Peaceful Heart and Joyful Expansion
Express Yourself!
Important things in my life
Dancing with the Stars
Magic of eternal creation
Womb Power
Thrive / Balance of the Elements
BEYOND  - Be You Divine
Crystal City - Peace
Joyful interconnection
Hidden Treasure
The Rainbow Witness, Witnessed : Entering a new paradigm
Seeing beyond
Discover your Self
Human BEEing
flowerig skills
Magick Giraffe
the intimacy
Unleash your inner lion(ess) and shine bright like the diamond that you are
Divine guidance ;-) Connect with your inner divine source and create your paradise on earth.
Journey to little Hanna
Heyoka power - listening to your heart bat
The key to a joyous life is the heart
Dragon heart garden
Diversity and Fragility
Flourishing Beauty
Whale, Garding the depth of Cosmic Wisdom
The Peaceful Elephant
Rooted in Love
From Dissonance to Coherence
Wild Freedom
Journey to purity
Alles Im Fluss (All in the Flow)
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