What is this project about:

A single piece of art cut in 54 «seeds» nurtured by visions from 54 individuals from all over the world. Each co-creator growing their desire for a better world into a new painting. The 54 unique contributions will be sent back to its roots and reassembled into the Flying Carpet of Alchemy which will be exhibited across the world as a flourishing symbol of a new way of living together.

Riding and navigating the Flying Carpet of Alchemy:

To help navigate the Flying Carpet of Alchemy through the unknown to the realms of renewal, 25 guides and guardians help directing the Flying Carpet with their deep wisdom and mystical being. They keep track and care of the visionary energies of every single piece and help the Zebracorn (represented by the zebra pattern above this text) to navigate these transformational frequencies; bringing alchemy all across the planet. 25 as a symbol for major change, intuitional forces, curiosity, personal freedom, companionship and a new sense of self.

Right after lockdown this year on a fullmoon's day I got the vision for a global art project of co-creation, enabling renewal to happen.

In an instant it became clear that it was about connecting people and re-creating safety, clarity and beauty to alchemise these times of uncertainty.

Starting from one piece of art in rainbow colors (infinite possibilities) to be sent out in pieces to artists and visionaries all over the world, I saw how 55 people were going to weave in their unique vision, focusing on what we as a species want to contribute to a new world and to a new way of relating to each other, being in service of our planet rather then to keep taking from it. And from there sending their unique perspective infused on their pieces back to be reintegrated to a new transformational masterpiece of wholeness exhibited around the world.

The Flying Carpet of Alchemy was born

Clarifying how the Flying Carpet of 
Alchemy works (28:18)
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Preparing the fist 20 «peaces» for
shippment (1:49)
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