Wisdom Cards - Original Paintings

Unique and limited opportunity to get one of the 55 original paintings
You Are Alchemy activates what you truly are here to be, by letting you shift realities and by reminding you of your truth, transforming old into gold. The prints of these paintings have been spread all across the world in big numbers and are doing their healing and connective work worldwide during the last 12 months.

1. Love
2. Clarity
3. Creation
4. Courage
5. Power
6. Divinity
7. Transformation
8. Passion
9. Joy

10. Treasure
11. Rising
12. Presence
13. Remembrance
14. Belonging
15. Unknown
16. Awe
17. Liberation
18. Cocoon

19. Soul
20. Mystic
21. Dream
22. Silence
23. Medicine
24. Source
25. Depth
26. Creation
27. Magic

28. Roots
29. Sensitivity
30. Care
31. Play
32. Fertility
33. Tribe
34. Field
35. Co-creation
36. Transition

37. Nesting
38. Wisdom
39. Blending
40. Feminine
41. Peaceful warrior
42. Swirl
43. Humbleness
44. Guidance
45. Change

46. Preparation
47. Mystery
48. Mindfulness
49. Dance
50. Birth
51. Innocence
52. Messenger
53. Freedom
54. Blessing

55. Rainbow

Now you have a rare opportunity to get one of the «mother-pieces»: Every single original painting holds these transformational energies within themselves in a high vibrational, condensed way, uniquely adapted to a specific field of themes, even nurtured more and more through the use of the cards worldwide. To whatever painting you feel drawn to, there is a specific message and a specific transformational frequency just for you.

These original paintings were painted throughout a profound and divinely guided journey of several intense weeks without even knowing, what truly was being created. The purpose of them was being revealed step by step only during the creational phase of the card deck, that took several months. This process also included the energy and inspiration of 55 visionaries and artists from all across the world. It was a process of pure inspiration, trust and profound guidance as a process of renewal, purification and deep alchemy being revealed, beyond any former knowledge, imagination or understanding. An alignment and epic co-creation between heart, mind and soul and the unknown and mystery.

A process of preparation for the deep shifts that were at hand, as we were entering 2020. An incredible powerful tool for navigating these transformations and any further changes that clearly will be revealed to us, while the world is recreating itself anew with the visions we are bringing and living on our planet. Let these visions being supported and amplified in their energy by the high transformational frequencies of these paintings.

You can now bring all of that magic into your very home by choosing one or several of the original paintings. Click on them and you will get first details about their inherent wisdom and treasures.

Your beautiful cards arrived, and I love them! They're very rich in meaning – sometimes a card surprises me later with an insight when I'm not focused on it. The accompanying text is really powerful.
Taylor Baxter
Thank you so much for the insightful and affirming intuitive insights that came with my cards!
Kevin Thom
Award-winning photographer
Yours is the only deck I have (out of at least 100 collected over 30+ years, that have ALIVE energy in them. It’s YOU! the wild depths of your intuitive creative access is truly a wonder to behold and the gift you offer is invitation to such depths of beauty, pain, joy, healing in others.
Georgette Star
Founder of the "life blessing institute"
Sooo excited about this new beautifully handcrafted wisdom deck from the wonderful artist Janine Landtwing. Thank you for taking us with you on this special journey of creation.
Nicole Frank
Life Coach
I’m really connecting with them more than other cards. I feel their energy and they inspire me to go further with their prompts. Love them.
Yaelle Schwarcz
Soul Art Guide and Artist
Janine's 'You are Alchemy' oracle deck is a visual delight filled with potent messages of wisdom.
Laura Hollik
Founder of global Soul Art Certification ©
Just want to let you know that I discover so many layers in your card deck. Especially the inner-outer part (…), it's a deep understanding that you see-feel-sense in a split second, but when you have to explain it, it takes so many words. It's all so alchemical working out in how you have created this card deck.
Hemera Margrieta
Shamana Soul Artist
I love the cards. I have included them in my Soul Art workshops.
Tracy Sartari
Transpersonal Counsellor, Arts Psychotherapist and Soul Art Guide
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